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front hairline transplant


To create a natural hairline the single hair follicular unit hair transplant is the best method available. The single hair approach of one hair follicular unit graft in the frontal hairline avoids scarring and corn-row appearance.

Producing a natural hairline is one of the most important elements of a successful hair transplant surgeon. The ability to create naturalness has dramatically increased in recent years due to the development of more refined techniques. The “degree” of naturalness expected by patients has also increased along with our abilities. Today, patients expect an undetectable hairline that can stand on its own after one surgery; they will no longer tolerate an embarrassing ‘pluggy’ phase. This high “degree” of naturalness can be achieved using the techniques and the methods described below.

Key to a Natural Hairline

Most physicians will say that only micrografts should be used in the hairline area. However, this statement is not specific enough since all ‘micrografts’ are not the same. “Follicular unit” micrografts are the ultimate micrografts for the hairline area because they have specific characteristics that enable them to achieve the highest degree of naturalness on a consistent basis.

Follicular unit micrografts are trimmed of excess tissue and epithelium as safely possible and are therefore, smaller than untrimmed micrografts with equivalent numbers of hairs. Their small size enables them to be placed in much smaller, less traumatic incisions closer together.

Additionally, the minimal amount of epithelium remaining on follicular units limits the potential for pitting, which can still occur when untrimmed micrografts are placed too deep. In our office, we call one hair follicular units monografts (meaning only one hair follicle) to distinguish from typical micrografts which could contain 1-2 hairs and sometimes 3 hairs.
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