Corona Holocaust....

How many times in a history of mankind have we witnessed/read/heard/imagined current global shutdown. The threat which was initially labelled as another scare, pharma propaganda, vaccine industry business tactics etc has become more real than ever.
Those who think an individual immunity would protect them or somehow they wont get it, probably still don't understand gravity of the situation. So many countries have shut down all businesses, closed down all forms of transport. This is not an easy decision to make. But its been taken because the current Corona Holocaust demands it. There is so much information available about disease now, that anyone can google and get it. So I'm not going into details of that.
Those who still think some outdoor activity by an individual wouldn't pose a problem, look around. Look everywhere, countries like Germany have started punitive actions for those breaking lockdown. So far our govt hasn't done that yet, but our actions will force govt to do so. That will only add to chaos and existing problem, rather than solving it.
I'm a practicing dermatologist (skin specialist). I have stopped taking all aesthetic patients and stopped all elective procedures till further notice. Most of the patient follow up (revisits) I'm (and most of my colleagues are) managing on phone/video consultation. Only severe skin problems (like skin infections, contagious skin problems) are being treated in person, that too, if it is not possible to do so on phone. My wife, an Endodontist, has stopped doing elective dental procedures. Even our PM has asked non emergency medical/surgical procedures to be kept on hold to avoid spread of Corona. This is a grim picture, clinics are closed to control spread of a viral disease. Many other fields have started work from home. Daily wage workers, street vendors, shop keepers, restaurant owners have lost their earning and still following rules.
Recently, in Pune, a Corona positive case was reported who had no prior history of abroad travel or contact with such traveler. Means she got it in the community itself. It clearly shows the number of cases are lot more than reported/tested cases. Current positive cases are tip of an iceberg only. Enemy is invisible, but has reached our doorstep.
Typhoid Mary #TyphoidMary unknowinlgy infected many and even when told about it, was in denial and infected some more. Let's not become Corona Mary and stay safe.
This post is not just about a day or a week, its about the upcoming times. How long it is going to be? It is completely upto us. It is upto us as a team and not as an individual. The more disciplined we are, the earlier this nightmare will get over.
I wrote this post yesterday, but as the day went on I thought this post was not necessary. But seeing celebratory rallies yesterday and near normal traffic in Mumbai/Pune (hot spots of Corona in India) today morning, I'm posting this. I'm urging everyone to stay home. Do we have enough health sector resources? Is our government ready to tackle this crisis? I don't want to find out. We don't need to find out. Let's not stretch it till there. Let's #flattenthecurve
We will have to stay indoors, either voluntarily now or forced by virus in few days. Let's do it now and save ourselves, our kids, spouse, parents, friends, our society. Let's stay indoors and fight this war together. #flattenthecurve #StayHomeStaySafe #Corona2020
Dr. Ashutosh Shende

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