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cast partial denture

A Denture is defined as a removable plate or frame holding one or more artificial teeth, which is used to replace missing teeth in the mouth. A Cast Partial Denture (CPD) is defined as a removable partial denture consisting of a cast metal framework that contains artificial teeth set in an acrylic resin.
As compared to the conventional acrylic denture, Cast Partial Denture is stronger, more durable and retentive. However, the fabrication of cast partial denture is more costly, time-consuming and complex as compared to the conventional acrylic dentures. Each denture is specifically designed and fabricated to the individual patient.

What Are The Indications For A Cast Partial Denture?:

  • Partially edentulous (lose some of the teeth).
  • No tooth is present behind to edentulous space.
  • Above the age of 17 years.
  • Periodontal (gum) condition of the remaining teeth is good
  • Patient desires.
  • Trauma to the jaw bone.
  • When the remaining teeth have to be stabilized against lateral and anterior-posterior forces.

What Are The Contraindication For A Cast Partial Denture?

  • Poor oral hygiene.
  • Aesthetically not pleasant area (especially front teeth area)
  • Weak teeth in the arch
  • Remaining teeth are not able to retain the removable prosthesis (dentures)
  • Rampant caries
  • Poor periodontal/gum health
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